Celebrating Love in Style

Custom bands - Santillan Jewelers

The design of a wedding ring or band is just as important as finding the perfect wedding dress. Here are some hot wedding ring (band) trends to celebrate your love in style.

Hot New Wedding Ring and Bands Trends

  • It’s all about the details – It’s not just about diamond centerpieces anymore, as it’s becoming more common for smaller diamonds to be incorporated into the band or ring’s design. Common detail trends include intricate, weaving designs throughout the band with engraving and indents with diamonds set in them. Solid rows of diamonds or spaced out diamonds set in a weaving, engraved style look beautiful with any diamond centerpiece.
  • Rose gold is the new “it” factor – Rose gold doesn’t just look beautiful on the latest iteration of iPhones – it adds a beautiful, regal pop on wedding rings and bands! The pink color looks dazzling and fits all skin tones. Diamonds also appear more prominent when set in the embrace of a rose gold ring.
  • Forget regular diamonds, colorful diamonds and gems turn heads – While traditional diamonds are beautiful, colorful diamonds are increasingly catching eyes. Beautiful hued-diamonds like yellow and pink can project regality and elegance while a chocolate or black diamond exude dreamy exuberance. A popular trend is to have the ring’s main diamond be colored while surrounding it with smaller traditional diamonds either in a crown shape or along the ring’s band.
  • Regal floral designs are first choice – Floral designs, diamonds and gems were made for each other, and consumers are combining them in their wedding rings and bands. Petals, vines and other flourishes make perfect halos in which diamonds can be set to add a whimsical, fairy tale touch to any ring, especially when combining floral styles with the whimsy of rose gold.
  • Twined bands are the new twist – Twisted shanks and bands are an eye-catching feature that adds extra opulence to any band. Like the twisting coils of rope, its pattern draws the eye. Combined with inset diamonds, twined bands create a dazzling pattern that can enrapture any onlooker. This seemingly simple design exudes pure elegance. The twined band sets itself apart from any ring that has a large diamond centerpiece.

Imagine Your Ring and We’ll Design it at Santillan Jewelers

Colored Diamonds - Santillan Jewelers

Your wedding ring or band deserves to reflect your personality and the beautiful relationship you’ve nurtured with your spouse. Create the ring of your future husband or wife’s dreams at Santillan Jewelers – Your premier jeweler in Roseville. We offer you custom jewelry design, on-site jewelry repair, jewelry cleaning and certified appraisals.

At our store, you can expect a warm, relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere where you can shop for heirloom quality jewelry and unique gifts. We feature an extensive selection of jewelry for men and women, including:

  • Diamond engagement rings and wedding bands
  • Diamond pendants and necklaces
  • Diamond earrings
  • Diamond fashion rings
  • Bracelets
  • Colored gemstone jewelry
  • Sterling silver
  • Pearls
  • Watches

As a family owned business we understand the commitment you’re making and we commit ourselves to creating the perfect treasure for you to celebrate the love of your life. Contact Santillan Jewelers today to schedule a design consultation!

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